E.C.H.O. Global Missions Conference 

Local and global missions is in our DNA as a church. Our E.C.H.O. Global Missions Conference is much more than an annual event for us. It is a yearly celebration of daily passion that drives us. It impacts the way we budget resources, plan our calendar and approach the Scriptures. We believe that God is a “sending God”, a "missional God” and therefore His Church is to be a place that both celebrates and sends missionaries. Each year we gather together for four epic days, with over 20 missionaries from around the globe, for the purpose of; Enriching Lives - Challenging Believers - Honoring Missionaries and Opening Doors of Opportunity. The E.C.H.O. Conference is the culmination of our efforts and the spark to ignite the flame for the year to come.


2021 E.C.H.O. Global Missions Conference

Oct 16-19, 2021, “RESET”
The mission remains the same.

“Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!" Isaiah 43:18-19

These are unique and unprecedented times on a global scale. Yet, there is a truth, that if believed, has the power to change our perspective. It is this—the sovereign God of all the universe is both aware and at work, right now, around the world!

Our prayer is that this year we would allow Him to “RESET” our plans and our priorities in order that we may partner in this season of harvest!

OnMission Opportunities

It is our desire that every member of our Church on the Rock family experiences the joy of serving on the mission field through short term missions trips. Due to our numerous partnerships globally, we routinely send teams to places like Nepal, New York City, Alaskan Bush Villages, Peru, India, Thailand and many other locations where we are privileged to work with amazing people.