Meet our Missionaries

Jonathan & Anastasiya Angel
Latin American Ministries

Jonathan and Anastasiya were launched out of Church on the Rock in 2016 when they were called to continue and grow the ministry that Jonathan's parents began. Located in Guadalajara, Mexico the Angels not only care about people's salvation, but also disciple leaders in the Word, equipping them to offer the hope of the gospel to their families, communities, and the world.

You can visit their website and click Donate to support them with your one-time or recurring gift.


Kristen Bierma
Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill exists to serve Alaska's children in foster care and children at risk of going into foster care through the love of Christ. Church on the Rock values family and we are the community lead church for Safe Families for Children. We stand with Beacon Hill and through that partnership expand a wider partnership in our community for the preservation and restoration of family.


Rick & Trudy Bonnette
Alaska Missions

The Bonnette's are missionaries launched from Church on the Rock to Pedro Bay and the Lake Iliamna area in Alaska to serve the local community. Rick and Trudy have served on staff faithfully at Church on the Rock in many capacities including pastor, counselors, teacher, and event coordinator for 15 years.

This family is called to provide a spiritually vital church in rural Alaska by connecting one-on-one with the locals in the area and assisting in real and tangible needs as well as providing Godly support and counsel. You can stay updated with the Bonnettes in their journey by joining their Facebook group.

There are two ways you can give. You can give directly via PayPal by clicking the link below, or to give a tax-deductible donation, mail a check, with “Bonnette personal support” written in the memo, made out to:

Pedro Bay Bible Church
PO Box 47027
Pedro Bay AK 99647


Kelly & Lenora Brake
Brake ministries int'l

Kelly and Lenora have been involved in world missions since their childhood, both having been called to cross-cultural evangelism and outreach. Traveling to over 90 nations and ministering to over 250 people groups in some of the most remote places of the world, the Brakes are dedicated to going wherever God may send to share God's grace in every way possible to meet the spiritual and physical needs of both churches and the unreached. Though they are not attending this year's ECHO conference the Brakes have attended Church on the Rock's mission conference since its inception, they are a true legacy.

You can find their giving link on their website as well as an address if you would like to set-up your recurring giving through your financial institution's bill pay system.

Sherry Carrington
Connect Palmer

Sherry Carrington is also one of our COTR launched missionaries. Connect Palmer shows God’s love to the residents of Palmer by connecting those in need with community resources & empowering individuals to gain employment and be self-sufficient. Programs include:

  • Scarlet Tapestries
  • God's Work Design
  • Sarah's House
  • The Locker

Since opening 77 ladies have lived at Sarah's House with 683 weeks of residency.

To support Connect Palmer donate via one of the links below.



Dave & Karen Eubank
Free Burma Rangers

Though not a guest of this year's ECHO conference, Free Burma Rangers [FBR] is a COTR monthly supported missionary. The Eubank family is compelled by God's love to give help, hope, and love in Jesus' name in the midst of oppression. Their organization is on the frontlines of conflict zones in Burma, Iraq, Thailand, Kurdistan, Syria, and Sudan. Dave Eubank, a former member of U.S. Army Special Forces and a Ranger officer, is the founder of the FBR. Karen was able to put her educational background to work when she started the Good Life Club in 1999 to bring comfort and hope to children in conflict zones.

Support FBR with your one-time donation or to set-up your monthly recurring support here:


Codie & Sophie Farrington
Alaska Bible Institute

Four years ago, God called Codie & Sophie to join the staff team of Alaska Bible Institute in Homer, Alaska. Codie and Sophie are very passionate about the mission statement of ABI - to train and equip Christians for life and ministry, as they see this as an outflow of the greatest commandment and great commission that Jesus gave to us. Codie, Sophie, and their 6 kids are all involved in the ministry! Codie works closely with the student body as Dean of Students, creating a fun, life-giving atmosphere for the students to thrive in as well as teaching classes; Sophie opens her heart and home up to the students often using her gift of hospitality to host dinners for students or just having them over to be part of our families lives, and the kids look up to the students and love playing with them, often providing them with a break from classes and study!

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April & Jerry Foster
Breaking Chains Network

April and Jerry Foster offer hope, help, and healing to those who are victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They offer hope through building relationships and helping with practical needs. This is done in part by offering job skill training, counseling services, and language classes. They also assist with apartment hunting, legal and medical needs, and if possible, repatriation to their home countries.



Jon & Monica Gaige
Vessels of Hope

Located in Rio Negro, Ecuador, Casa TAO (Transition to Autonomy and Orientation)is a home for teen moms who are in need of a safe place to live. They offer a home that these girls can finish schooling and learn life and business skills. Casa TAO also provides essential food and supports for Venezuelan refugees. The Gaige's were launched from COTR in March of 2019.

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Johnny Gillespie
Fire & Fragrance

Fire & Fragrance began as a Discipleship Training School in 2008 in Kona, Hawaii at the University of the Nations, YWAM. Believing the fire in their hearts for Jesus would become an attractive fragrance which reveals the love of Jesus to the lost. Fire & Fragrance pioneers prayer and worship expressions, runs training schools, and sends out for short and long-term missions

Juan Galloway
New York City Relief

New York City Relief has mobilized thousands of volunteers to compassionately serve those struggling with homelessness by providing hope and resources that lead toward life transformation. Living on the street is painful enough, and coronavirus only adds a greater need that someone be there to help you get through each day. Their mission is bigger than the coronavirus. They will not abandon the most vulnerable population, those that are hurting and dealing with homelessness, until there are government ordinances that keep them from doing so.



Steve Gumaer
Partners Relief & Development

Partners Relief and Development reach out to refugees, internally displaced people, migrants, and stateless people. They bring relief and build infrastructure for the vulnerable and hard to reach. In the Middle East and Southeast Asia war and oppression have brought devastating consequences on the freedom and well-being of innocent children caught in the crossfire. They are at work in communities touched by conflict to ensure these children are protected and have all they need to reach their full potential. Due to COVID travel restrictions, Steve will be joining us virtually for this year's ECHO conference but be sure to visit their marketplace booth that will be run by Maggie Morock.

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Gary Lewis
AK Correctional Ministries

Gary Lewis is the facility chaplain at Goose Creek Correctional Center. He proclaims God's redemptive and unfailing love to Alaska's prisoners and forms a bridge of transformation and hope as these "returning citizens" find their place in society. Alaska Correctional Ministries is a non-profit organization that has been partnering with the Department of Corrections Chaplaincy Ministry statewide since 1980, providing life-changing ministry to Alaska’s prisoners and ex-offenders. Together, they are providing ministry and programs that offer hope and real solutions in the lives of offenders through the transforming work of God.

Go to their website to sign up for the email newsletter as well as support this ministry.


Philip Licht
Set Free Alaska

Set Free Alaska believes substance abuse services are critical with the continued rise in opioid use. They provide outpatient, intensive outpatient, peer support, children's behavioral health, and women's residential services. They have recently opened Alaska's first men's residential treatment facility in Homer, where dads have the opportunity to bring their children under the age of 10. Their programs facilitate hope, healing, and resilience resulting in lasting change. Philip Licht is the executive director with a powerful testimony and a passion to see others set free from addictions.

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Zach & Sarah Loving
Loving Life Missions

Zack and Sarah Loving serve full-time with Free Burma Rangers. Zack is a licensed pilot and is the director of FBR's Aviation Department and Sarah serves as the volunteer coordinator, as well as homeschooling their three active boys - Gabriel, Gideon, and Grady. During the summer months, Zack and Sarah serve in Palmer, Alaska, so you may see them at the Palmer Campus or run into them around town! We are so glad to have them join our ECHO Missionary line up!



Steven Mayanja
World Outreach Ministry Foundation

Rev. Dr. Steven Mayanja of World Outreach Ministry Foundation has been training and equipping world changers in the great lakes region of Uganda and in Africa for over 33 years. Dr. Mayanja has published evangelistic and church-planting books and resources, and his ministries have planted over 120 churches and established many primary schools, high schools, and Bible colleges throughout Africa. Due to the current COVID travel restrictions, Steven Mayanja will be joining us virtually for this year's ECHO Missions Conference.

Use the links below to give now or set-up your recurring giving.

Alger & Joyce Morris
YWAM Cambodia

Though Alger and Joyce are not guests this year at our ECHO Missions Conference, we as a church love and support them. We encourage you to continue your support through the link above.




Steven & Esther Napier
Global Outreach

The Napiers equip and influence native leadership in East Africa and the Middle east. Local pastors and leadership at these ministry sites serve their communities with education, food, vocational training, and business training. Their mission is to equip native pastors, multiply church effectiveness, and serve those in need. Stephen is one of our keynote speakers at this year's missions conference.


Bill Pagaran
Carry the Cure

Carry the Cure focuses on suicide prevention and reaches villages and tribes throughout the nation. The Alaska suicide rate is ranked highest in the nation with more than twice the U.S. rate. Alaska's rural regions have a higher incidence of suicide. Many of these suicides are among people under 24 years of age. Bill uses program and events including Committed to Life, Iditarod Outreach, school assemblies, community workshops, concerts, and worship experiences to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to village Alaska and beyond. Bill also serves faithfully on our worship teams across our campuses. Be sure to connect with him at his marketplace booth to hear the latest updates in this ministry.

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DON Parrett
Precious Gift Ministries

Don Parrett has been uniquely called into closed nations. He risks much to provide Bibles and materials in China where the government is aggressively attacking and closing churches. Though not a guest at this year's ECHO Missions Conference, Church on the Rock continues to love and support the mission of Don Parrett and Precious Gift Ministries. You can continue your support using the link above.

Bill & Carlene Pepper
Full Gospel Church

Bill Pepper travels worldwide speaking at and organizing leadership conferences in Asia and South America. He and Carlene have been apart of our missions conference since the beginning and they have been in full-time missions for almost 60 years. This couple is truly a legacy. Church on the Rock's founding pastor, David Pepper, was born to them in Peru where they lived for 13 years. Their value for missions is part of the DNA of COTR and has fostered a culture at our church for raising up amazing leaders and being a launching pad for many.

Support Bill Pepper by mailing your contributions to:
PO Box 873060
Wasilla, AK 99687

You can also set-up your recurring giving through your financial institution's Bill Pay portal.



David & Larae Pepper
Amazon Outreach

David and LaRae Pepper are the founding pastors of Church on the Rock and launched into full-time missions in January 2014. The mission of the Amazon Outreach is to make disciples, train leaders, and plant churches through manifesting life and hope in tangible ways. David and LaRae minister in the jungles of South America to unreached people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Visit the website below to support the projects of Amazon Outreach. You can mail personal support for David and LaRae at 2210 W Main St Ste 107-331, Battle Ground, WA 98604 or use your bill pay portal at your financial institution to set up any recurring giving.


Gert & Molly Roets
All Nations

Gert and Molly Roets are missionaries and pastors who have formed a partnership with All Nations, a church planting organization among the marginalized peoples of the world, and Sexuality Unmasked, a ministry whose purpose is to expose the cultural sexual assault and bring truth, healing, and restoration to people in America and nations around the world. They spent seven years in Cape Town, South Africa, training church planters and coaching movement leaders who are planting churches in South Africa and in Nepal. Their mission is to restore a culture of innocence and bring the message of purity to both missionaries and their disciples. They are based out of Spokane, Washington, and work closely with Sexuality Unmasked to develop an online training platform to raise up carriers of the message.  Though they are not guests of this year's conference COTR loves and supports Gert and Molly and the mission God has called them to.


Stay connected by joining their Facebook group or emailing them to sign-up for mission updates.  You can give to the ministry of Gert and Molly using the links below, or use your bill pay portal at your financial institution to set up any recurring giving to: 6808 N Douglass St., Spokane, WA 99208



Dave Teigen
Kingdom Alliance Ministries

Kingdom Alliance Ministries has been building churches in remote locations of the Amazon Basin in Peru for 13 years. Each year they send a team of workers who construct buildings Amazon villages. They have constructed over 47 churches.

Use the links below to visit their website and sign-up for their newsletter. Please mail all contributions to:

Kingdom Alliance
PO Box 871946
Wasilla, AK 99687

Jim & Kathy Tierney
Tierney Christian Mission

Jim and Kathy Tierney serve Jesus in Pokot, two miles from the Ugandan border in Kenya, East Africa. As members of that community, they teach men, women, and children's Bible studies, have a Bush Bible College for Pastors and Church leaders, and teach practical skills using their natural resources. Their goal is to empower and teach individuals so that they may reach their own people with the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Though Jim and Kathy Tierney are not a guest of this year's ECHO Conference, we as a church love and support their mission in Uganda. You can give by mailing your support directly to:

2229 NW Nickernut Ct.
Redmond, Oregon, 97756

You can like and follow their Facebook page for the latest updates.


Dale Yerton
The Living Faith

Dale Yerton of The Living Faith is not a guest of this year's ECHO conference but he is a monthly supported missionary of COTR. Dale has served in ministry for over 60 years. As president of The Living Faith, he has focused his ministry on providing quality teaching material to leaders in 20 languages across 80 nations.

Use the links below to support this ministry directly and be sure to visit his website for more information.