Stories of Transformation


Connie's Story

Discover how an open door helped Connie find healing and family after losing her husband and children.

Shellie and Louis' Story

Hear how Shellie and Louis went from an endless cycle of addiction to thriving as a family.

Joleen's Story

When Shellie and Louis lost custody of their children, Joleen stepped in. Hear how her “yes” had a generational impact on her family.

Brandy's STORY

Hear how God called Brandy, as a young single woman, to shift her expectations and answer His call to adoption.

Chloe's Story

Follow Chloe's journey from addiction to life as she discovered the depth of God's love for her.

Katie's Story

When Katie surrendered her drug addiction to God, He gave her a life that she thought she could never have.

Roy's Story

Roy became a different person when wholeness ministries gave him the tools to be the kind of man he wanted to be.

Haley & Landon's STORY

Learn how Haley and Landon took God out of the "emergency use only box" and overcame their trials by putting him in the center of their relationship.