Safe Families for Children



Safe Families for Children is a church movement committed to protecting children from potential abuse or neglect when their families experience crisis. The church is committed to building a supportive community around families in their time of need. By temporarily placing children with certified Host Familes, parents receive the time and tools needed to help them re-establish stability for themselves and their families.

Typical placing families may experience:

  • Unemployment
  • Medical/Emotional crisis
  • Financial Problems
  • Homelessness
  • Incarceration (Jail Time)
  • Addiction Recovery Program

Placement is voluntary and parental rights are retained by the Placing Parents. Reuniting families as soon as possible is a priority.


Host Family: Host Families are committed to a biblical view of hospitality, sacrificial giving, and service to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Family Coach: A Family Coach supports both the Host and Placing Families with necessary care options. They check on child placements and monitor Host Home safety.

Family Friends: Provide tangible resources and help for the Host Families and Placing Parents such as transportation assistance, prayer, meals, daytime respite care, emotional support, and more.

Helpline Volunteer: Helpline Volunteers commit to answering a 24/7 Helpline number for a specified shift. Calls are forwarded to personal cell phones during volunteer shifts.

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