kings & priests
Mens Conference

February 1-3, 2018
Victory Bible Camp
$165 early registration
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Winter Camp (Fire&Ice)

One Youth Network
Winter Camp

February 15-17, 2018
Little Beaver Camp
$145 per student
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21 Days of Prayer 

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Church on the Rock, Wasilla, Alaska
Church on the Rock, Wasilla, Alaska

E.C.H.O. 2018

ECHO Global Missions Conference 

Local and global missions is in our DNA as a church. Our E.C.H.O. Global Missions Conference is much more than an annual event for us. It is a yearly celebration of daily passion that drives us. It impacts the way we budget resources, plan our calendar and approach the Scriptures. We believe that God is a “sending God”, a "missional God” and therefore His Church is to be a place that both celebrates and sends missionaries. Each year we gather together for four epic days, with over 20 missionaries from around the globe, for the purpose of; Enriching Lives - Challenging Believers - Honoring Missionaries and Opening Doors of Opportunity. The E.C.H.O. Conference is the culmination of our efforts and the spark to ignite the flame for the year to come. Coming up October 2018.