Ascent Classes

The purpose of THE ASCENT is to see every believer reach the summit in the call of God at Church on the Rock. To help you get there, we have developed five base camps to equip you for the journey that lies ahead. THE ASCENT provides training and opportunities for membership, maturity and ministry, intentional disciple making, and leading others into mission. You will discover your spiritual gifts, strengths, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for daily living, and learn new habits for effective growth and ministry. As you gear up for the climb, you will be equipped with the tools, values and mission that the Christ-follower needs to live every day with passion, purpose and freedom.


Ascent Class

Maturity booklet
Access to a Discipling Mentor
Serve Team Application

Discipling Mentor

Personal Growth
Filters into service areas
Equips to make disciples

Growth Classes

4 Week Classes
The Word
Spiritual Disciplines
Personal Finance
Interpersonal Communication
Gifts & Strengths
Church History
World Missions

12 Week Classes

Church Doctrine
Public Speaking
Survey of the Bible

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The Ascent was never meant to be undertaken by yourself. An integral part of being a disciple is bringing others along for the climb! Base Camp 104 provides the tools and teaching needed for every believer to take ownership of the mission to “go into all the world and make disciples”. Prerequisite: completion of Base Camp 101 and preferably Base Camps 102 and 103.